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GRRRWHOL!! Welcome to my website!

Here you will find a collection of pages with the texts I wrote during years for school or for passion. There are many different arguments, from literature to electronics (a great passion of mine), all joined by the knowledge theme: it's a bit like a small encyclopedia written by a unique author. Checking all the texts would be an infinite work to me (or, at least, for the time I have Smile!), so you can download anything as is.

I like to be against the tide, sometimes. Therefore, since fancy blogs, mySpaces and Facebook are in fashion, I like to bring on a nice old style website, with poor graphics and rich contents, totally hand-coded.

Why do I do this? For passion, and because I think collaboration is the best working way: I can't ever count all the times I was the one to download useful things from the net, uploaded by many generous people. Surely, it's not only for the few euros I can get from advertings.

So, enjoy yourself while reading! And if you have something to say, you can send me a mail or leave a comment at the bottom of the articles.

Wed 15 July 2015
The new electronic website is online! Slowly the projects and the theory will be moved there.

Mon 19 March 2011
Improved the presentation and search of articles.

Fri 9 September 2011
Updated the Quotes section with a new database.
The website integration with Facebook was improoved.

Mon 30 May 2011
Added a Linux bash guide in the Computer section.
Added also a Guide to secure connections.

Fri 8 April 2011
Added a Quotes section in the English site.

Tue 24 March 2011
Added various photos in the Panoramas and Places section.
Now various photos information can be visualized, and photos can be commented.
Various articles were translated in English.

Tue 30 December 2010
Added the website section in Spanish! Bienvenidos!
Added various photos
Added the section about Panoramic photos.

Wed 10 November 2010
Now you can comment articles!

Sun 20 December 2009
The first Galliate's webcam is on-line!

Thu 29 September 2009
Some errors corrections.
Added some articles in the Computer section.

Mon 10th August 2009
Added some photos about animals.

Mon 28th July 2009
Added the "Search" function.

Mon 15th June 2009
New layout for the website!
Added the section Schematics.

Wed 1st April 2009
All the photos titles were translated into English

Thu 12th March 2009
Added the Photos section, with the first 650 pictures.

Thu 11th Febbruary 2009
Added a guide about how to turn on automatically a tv

Sat 9th January 2009
Recoded the website. Renewed graphics. English section opened.

Mon 1st October 2007
Online the new website

June 2007
Maybe I should update the old website...Smile!

December 2005
Online Giacobbe's first website! (Italian only)

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