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The Araby


Il ragazzo che narra in prima persona questo racconto è innamorato della sorella del suo amico e vicino di casa Mangan; non le ha mai parlato, ma la pensa sempre, la osserva e cerca di seguirla, e a volte il suo nome gli sale alle labbra "frammisto a strane preghiere e lodi". Un giorno finalmente gli capita di parlarle, e le promette che le porterà qualcosa dal bazar Araby. Lo zio però se ne dimentica e così, quando finalmente il ragazzo riesce ad andarci, sono ormai le dieci: il bazar sta chiudendo e non gli resta che tornarsene a casa sconfitto.


A young boy who is similar in age and temperament to those in "The Sisters" and "An Encounter" develops a crush on Mangan's sister, a girl who lives across the street. One evening she asks him if he plans to go to a bazaar (a fair organized, probably by a church, to raise money for charity) called Araby. The girl will be away on a retreat when the bazaar is held and therefore unable to attend. The boy promises that if he goes he will bring her something from Araby.

The boy requests and receives permission to attend the bazaar on Saturday night. When Saturday night comes, however, his uncle returns home late, possibly having visited a pub after work. After much anguished waiting, the boy receives money for the bazaar, but by the time he arrives at Araby, it is too late. The event is shutting down for the night, and he does not have enough money to buy something nice for Mangan's sister anyway. The boy cries in frustration.


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