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Quotes, aphorisms, famous sentences

In these pages you can find a collection of 8295 quotes and aphorisms. You can search for a specific word using the form below, or surf among the categories. If you find errors, please let me know! Have fun!

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You can surf among the quotes choosing the categories. Anyway, not all the sentences are included in these categories, because they deal with other arguments. To read all the quotes, I suggest you to click on Show all the quotes, or to make a search.

I pray for one last landing On the globe that gave me birth; Letmerestmy eyesonthe.eecyskies Andthecool,greenhillsof Earth. Letthesweetfreshbreezeshealme As they rove around the girth Of our lovely mother planet, Of the cool, green hills of Earth. We’vetriedeachspinningspacemote Andreckoneditstrue worth: Take us back again to the homes of men On the cool, green hills of Earth. The arching sky is calling Spacemen back to their trade. All hands! Stand by! Free falling! Andthelightsbelowusfade. Outridethesonsof Terra, Far drives the thundering jet, Upleapstheraceof Earthmen Out,far,andonwardyet-
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