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Dual monitor with PCI card

There is a cheap and quick way to add a second monitor to your pc without too much money, avoiding DVI output or dual monitor video cards: use an old PCI card.

You need:
  1. An old PCI card. These cards are really old, so don't expect a great performance. You can find them on old PCs, or buy it for a few euros.
  2. A computer with an AGP video card as main video card. I don't know if the solution I suggest here works with a PCI Express or orther PCI video cards.
  3. Windows NT series (that is Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista) or Linux with X.Org. I don't know about Windows 95-98-Me or Mac.
Steps for installing the second monitor on Windows:
  1. Insert the PCI card in the computer.
  2. Start Windows. PCI video cards are really old, so your operating system will have the correct drive. If not, throw away the card.
  3. Check that the card is installed under System > Hardware or Devices.
  4. Connect the second monitor to the second video card.
  5. On the desktop, right click, select Properties. Select Display properties, click on the second monitor image, and check Extend monitor.
  6. If everything is ok, the second monitor should display a new desktop.

You can adjust the position of the second monitor with respect to the firs simply dragging'n'dropping it around the first one in Display properties. You can add also a third monitor, a fourth, and so on, simply adding more PCI cards.

Happy multi-monitor!

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