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In these pages you can find a collection of 8295 quotes and aphorisms. You can search for a specific word using the form below, or surf among the categories. If you find errors, please let me know! Have fun!

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You can surf among the quotes choosing the categories. Anyway, not all the sentences are included in these categories, because they deal with other arguments. To read all the quotes, I suggest you to click on Show all the quotes, or to make a search.

A revealing way of describing science .ction is to say that it is part of a liter­ary mode which one may call ‘‘fabril.’’ ‘‘Fabril’’ is the opposite of ‘‘pastoral.’’ [. . .] Pastoral literature is rural, nostalgic, conservative. It idealizes the past and tends to convert complexities into simplicity; its central image is the shepherd. Fabril literature (of which science .ction is now by far the most prominent genre) is overwhelmingly urban, disruptive, future-oriented, eager for novelty; its central image is the ‘‘faber,’’ the smith or blacksmith in older usage, but now extended in science .ction to mean the creator of artefacts in general- metallic, crystalline, genetic, or even social. - Tom Shippey, introduction to The Oxford Book of Science Fiction (1992)
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