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Quotes, aphorisms, famous sentences

In these pages you can find a collection of 8295 quotes and aphorisms. You can search for a specific word using the form below, or surf among the categories. If you find errors, please let me know! Have fun!

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You can surf among the quotes choosing the categories. Anyway, not all the sentences are included in these categories, because they deal with other arguments. To read all the quotes, I suggest you to click on Show all the quotes, or to make a search.

He recalled an earlier hope he had had of [the aliens]: that they might be superior beings, beings of wisdom and enlightened power, coming from a better society where higher moral codes directed the activities of its citizens. He had thought that only to such a civilization would the divine gift of traveling through interplanetary space be granted. But perhaps the opposite held true: perhaps such a great objective could be gained only by species ruthless enough to disregard more humane ends. - Brian W. Aldiss, ‘‘The Saliva Tree’’ (1965)
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