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In these pages you can find a collection of 8295 quotes and aphorisms. You can search for a specific word using the form below, or surf among the categories. If you find errors, please let me know! Have fun!

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You can surf among the quotes choosing the categories. Anyway, not all the sentences are included in these categories, because they deal with other arguments. To read all the quotes, I suggest you to click on Show all the quotes, or to make a search.

Randomness is deeply fundamental to the theory in the sense that its major purpose was to find a model of evolution that did not involve any force giving it direction. This relates directly to its ideological challenge to religious views on the origin of humans. (Stanley N. Salthe, Ph.D. Zoology, 1963, Columbia University, former Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York & Visiting Scientist in Biological Sciences, Binghamton University in Analysis and critique of the concept of Natural Selection (and of the Darwinian theory of evolution) in respect to its suitability as part of Modernism's origination myth, as well as of its ability to explain organic evolution)
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