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Three witches agree to meet Macbeth after the storm.

King Duncan of Scotland and his son Malcolm ask an officer who is coming the war results against Norway and he answers that they are the winners and that the generals Macbeth and Banquo were very brave.

While coming back to Scotland, the three witches foretell Macbeth he will become king of Scotland and Tane of Cawdor and Banquo that his son will be the one who carries on the royal family.

Lady Macbeth reads his husband' s letter concerning the three witches' prediction and she convinces Macbeth to be more cunning so as to rise to power. King Duncan will come to Macbeth' s castle and Lady Macbeth tries to persuade her husband to kill the King. Macbeth will kill the king during the night, while Lady Macbeth will get the king's guards drunk, in order to accuse them later of the murder.

During the night before the murder, Macbeth has the vision of a dagger coming towards him.

The officer Macduff arrives at the castle, where Lenox tells him that some horrible signs and cries have been seen and heard in the sky that night; Macduff finds out the corpse of the murdered king and rings the bell to inform everybody about the murder. Macbeth comes and admits he killed the king' s guards responsible for the murder. Malcom and Donalbain, the king' s sons, frightened, decide to escape, the former, to England and the latter to Ireland.

Macbeth becomes king, Banquo leaves, and the new king hires to some killers to get rid of Banquo and of his son Fleance during their travel, since according to the prophecy, Fleance will carry on the royal family. Macbeth is scared and feels threatened and guilty, while Duncan lies in peace. Banquo is murdered, but his son Fleance escapes.

Macbeth asks the nobles to dinner and during the banquet sees Banquo' s phantom sitting in his place; Macbeth tells the phantom to speak and then to leave, while Lady Macbeth tries to minimize.

The three witches summon three spirits who foretell Macbeth to beware of Macduff, to be bold, that he will never be killed by anyone born by a woman, to be proud, not to take care of those who protest and that he will not be defeated until the forest of Birnam doesn' t move forward to the high hill of Dunsinane. Lady Macduff is in despair, since her husband escaped to England, abandoning her and their children. Later they will all be killed by Macbeth. Malcom pretends to be bad, to see Macduff' s reaction and later puts himself at Macduff' s disposal and swears to be faithfull.

Meanwhile lady Macbeth is scared by the events, she goes mad and dies.

All the nobles, who have understood that Macbeth is the killer, decide to rise against the tyrant and to make for the Birnam forest. Macbeth is informed by a messenger, he gets ready to fight when he realizes that the forest looks like marching (since the nobles' soldiers are covered with leaves and branches), and when the nobles are in his castle, he kills Siward. He also struggles against Macduff, who was born by cesarian section and who kills Macbeth.

Malcom becomes the new king of Scotland, and he thanks the nobles and promises justice.

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