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James Joyce - The Dubliners



Eveline, a young 19 years old girl, is sitting at her house window looking at the coming evening. She remembers when she was a child. She used to play with her brothers and her friends, the Devines, the Waters, the Dunns, in the field in front of her house. Her father sometimes went to the field to haunt them with his stick. Now things are different: some friends of her moved or died, his father became worse and her mother had died. She looks at the objects in her room, and she thinks about her future: she had planned to run away to Buenos Ayres, Argentina, with her boyfriend, Frank, who is a sailor and who will marry her there. But she has many doubts about what she is doing. She would like to remain, because she has shelter and food, she can live with all the people she had known for all her life, and, over all, she promised to her dying mother to keep her family as united as possible. But, on the other side, she wants to leave because she has a very hard life. At work her director, Miss Gavan, maltreats her, and at home she has to argue with her violent father, who is an alcoholic, and to look after the house and two children. Moreover, her brother Ernest has died, and Harry is far away, because he is in the church decorating business.

Frank is a good boy. He is a sailor and they met while he was lodging in a house she used to visit. Frank told Eveline a lot of tales about his trips, and she liked them very much. Her father didn't approve their relation, and so they had to meet secretly.

Even if it's late, Eveline is still looking at the window. She hears a music which reminds her the promise and the mother dying. She decides to leave.

Now she is at the North Wall port, full of soldiers, where she is going to leave with Frank for Buenos Ayres. She is pale and she is prying God to show her what she has to do, her duties. Finally, while her boyfriend is yet going on the ship, she decides not to leave, and she remains in her country.

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