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Charles Dickens

The old curiosity shop

Nelly was a very pretty girl, and she lived with her grandfather, who had an antique shop in London. Nelly also had a brother, Fredrick, who was very jealous of her, and thought that when her grandfather would die, she would get all his money. A friend of Fredrick's, Richard Swiveller, decided to marry her. So the two friends could share her fortune. Also Kit Nubbles wanted to marry her, not for her money but because he loved her. To tell the truth, Nelly's grandfather wasn't very rich, because he gambled. He also had to borrow a lot of money from Mr. Quilp, a horrible man, who went to live with them to be sure to get back his money. One night, Nelly and her grandfather ran away towards the country. There they met two puppet-players , who worked in a travelling fair. They travelled and worked with them for a while, then they left them and befriended Mr Marton, the school teacher. Then they met Mrs Jarley, and they travelled with her. One day, in a village, Nelly saw Mr. Quilp. Indeed Mr. Quilp, Kit, Fredrick, Richard and a mysterious stranger were looking for Nelly and her grandfather.

So Nelly decided to continue their travel. The stranger was very close to them, but he didn't find them in the village, because they were travelling on a barge, where they were fine. When they left the barge, they were unlucky and they had to beg. Then they met again Mr Marton, who gave them a work as caretakers in a school.

Meanwhile Mr. Quilp decided to eliminate Kit. He arranged for Kit to work for Sampson Brass, Quilp's solicitor. During this work, Kit was injustly accused by Sampson and put in prison. Then Mr. Quilp poisoned Richard. Marchiness, a girl who worked for Sampson, took care of him and saved him. She told him about Quilp and Sampson's plot for Kit's arrest. Richard told everything to Mr. Galad, a friend of Kit's , who went to the Police, that set Kit free and put Sampson in prison . Mr. Quilp tried to escape, but he drowned in a river. As he died, Kit and the stranger, who was in fact Nelly's grandfather's brother, found where Nelly and her grandfather lived. But they found Nelly dead in her bed for the hard work.

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