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11 - System signals in the bash


A signal is a kind of "message" that a program can send to another program; an example can be the hit of the CRTL + C keys combination, which produces an INT signal, which usually stops the script execution.
"Masking" a signal in a script means associating to this signal a function to be executed when the signal is received. In the bash the system signals can be masked through the trap signal, according to the following syntax:

trap function_name signal_name

Here there's an example:


# The following script shows the usage of the trap function.
# In the function three countdowns from 10 seconds are present.
# You can try to stop the countdowns by pressing CRTL-C
# (INT signal) and verifying the script behaviour.
# During the first countdown, the INT signal is masked by an
# error function: the arrival of this signal causes the script
# to display this error message.
# Then during the second countdown the signal INT is disabled:
# its reception causes no effect.
# Finally durign the third countdown the mask is removed:
# it is now possible to stop the count.

function error
  echo "Sorry, no interruption allowed"
  sleep 3

function start_count
  for i in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1;
    echo "$i seconds have passed"
    sleep 1

# Main program

####### Count 1

trap error INT # Masking of the signal with an errror function
echo "Count 1:"
echo " "

####### Count 2

trap '' INT # Signal disabling
echo "Count 2:"
echo " "

####### Count 3

trap - INT # Mask deletion
echo "Count 3:"




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