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Install and Configure xPUD 0.91

xPUD is a small operating system, created to boot very quickly and to offer the most common functionalities of a computer, like internet navigation, writing a text, watching a video or listening to music. Here there is a quick guide to explain how to install xPUD 0.91 development. Now there are more updated versions of xPUD, but this guide can serve anyway as an example.

  1. Open Ubuntu
  2. Download the development versione xPUD 0.91: xpud-09162009.iso.
  3. Extract from ISO the files "bzImage", "core" and "apps"
  4. From command line go into the directory where there are the extracted files, and write:

    cat core apps > coreapps

    In this way all the apps will be available since the boot of xPUD.
  5. Copy the files "bzImage" and "coreapps" in a directory, for example /xPUD
  6. Read the UUID of our hard disk with

    ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid

  7. Configure GRUB to load xPUD:

    title        xPUD 0.9.X (build 09162009)
    kernel        /xPUD/bzImage quiet noisapnp lang=it kmap=it
    initrd        /xPUD/coreapps xpud-data=UUID=XXXX-XXXX

    The command "xpud-data=UUID=XXXX-XXXX" is referred to the xPUD backup file and allows to load it automatically. It's not strictly necessary to use the uuid, the drive can be specified also by /dev/sdXY; anyway with the uuid it there will not be problems about the drive identification.
And now start xPUD!

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