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Windows NT series

Windows CPU Minimum RAM Suggested
Space By Microsoft
NT Workstation 3.51 386, 25 MHz 8 MB   90 MB  
NT 4.0 server 486, 33 MHz 16 MB 32 110 MB  
2000 Professional P 133 MHz 64 MB   650 MB X
2000 Server P 133 Mhz 128 MB 256 1 Gb X
XP Professional P mmx 233 Mhz

(suggested 300)

64 MB 128 1,5 GB X
Server 2003 standard Pentium 133 Mhz

(suggested 550)

128 MB 256 1,5 Gb X
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy Pcs

(based on Win XP)

P MMX 233 MHz 64 MB   500 MB  
Vista Home P III 1 Ghz 512 MB   15 GB X
Windows Vista P III 1 Ghz 1 GB   15 GB X
Windows Home server P III 1 Ghz 512 MB   80Gb  

Sub-categories of Windows NT series

Windows NT 4.0:
Server, enterprise edition
Terminal Server

Windows 2000:
Advanced Server
Datacenter Server

Windows XP:
Windows XP 64-bit Edition
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Windows XP Embedded
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy Pcs
Windows XP Starter Edition

Windows server 2003:
Standard Edition
Web Edition
Windows Small Business Server
Enterprise Edition
Datacenter Edition
Windows Compute Cluster Server
Windows Storage Server (Express - Workgroup - Standard - Enterprise)

Windows Vista
Windows Vista Starter 2007
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic N
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business N
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows 95/98/Me

Windows CPU Minimum RAM Suggested
Space By Microsoft
Me P 150 Mhz 32 Mb ram   320Mb X
Win 98

486DX66 MHz



140-255 X
Win 95 486DX 66 MHz 4 Mb 8 mb 50-55 Mb X

Sub-categories of Windows 95/98/Me
Windows 95
Firs Versione: Windows 95 Retail 4.00.950 - Year 1995
Last version (sixth): OEM Service Release 2.5 4.00.950C (4.03.1214) - Year 1997

Windows 98
First Version: Windows 98 (4.10.1998) - Year 1998
Last versione: Windows 98 Second Edition (4.10.2222A) - Year 1999

Windows ME - Year 2000


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