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List of main MediaCenter softwares

This is a list of main softwares for MediaCenters. The list was last updated on 2008 spring.

Media Center Operating System Price Requirements
Snap Stream Media (Beyond TV) Win not free P 700 Mhz

256 Ram

Win 2000

Tvedia Win not free 1 Ghz

256 Ram

Win 2000

Windows Media Center Win not free

J. River Media Center Win not free 600 Mhz

64 Ram

Win 98

Nero Home Win not free P 800 Mhz

128 Ram

Win 2000

Got All Media win not free  
CT PVR Win not free  
MAINLobby (domotica) Win not free  
CyberLink PowerCinema 5 Win not free  
Charmed Quark (domotica) Win not free  
Welton way win not free  
Intervideo WinDVD Media Center win not free  
MyTheatre win not free  
DVB viewer win not free  
GameEx win free  
Tvoon Media Center win free  
[email protected] win free  
Xlobby win free  
Yahoo! Go for TV win free  
SesamTV win free  
Orb (streaming server) Win free  
GB-PVR Win free P III 1 Ghz

512 Ram

Win 2000 o più

MediaPortal Win free 1.4 Ghz

256 Ram

Win XP

ShowShifter (in disuso) Win not free P III 800Mhz

64Mb Ram

Win 98 i più

SageTV Win / Linux not free 800 Mhz

128 Ram

Win 98

My Media System Win / Linux free P 800 Mhz

32 Mb ram

Linux 2.6

Elisa Media Center Linux / Win free ?
Freevo Linux free P 700 Mhz

? Ram

VDR Linux free  
MythTV Linux free P 700 Mhz

256 Ram

Name Operating System Price Requirements
Windows XP Media Center Edition Win not free  
GeeXboX Linux free P 400

64 Ram

LinuxMCE Linux free MythTV + Kubuntu
KnoppMyth Linux free P 800 Mhz

256 ram

Mithdora Linux free MythTV + Fedora
FreevoLive Linux free  
LinVDR - The VDR Distribution Linux free  
MoviX (morto) Linux free  


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