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Ian Munro


This story is about Melissa and her aunt Dena. Aunt Dena is a live witch, and she comes every year to visit Melissa around Halloween. That year Aunt Dena arrived from the fireplace chimney. She had a new magic wound, and she tried to show her new magic powers making herself into a dog. But she wasnt't rusty, and she became a Viking.

That year Melissa's teacher let Aunt Dena go with the children to the school camp in the country. When they arrived at the farm where they were going to camp, they found out that the farm had a new owner, Mr Gray, who didn't let them camp there. He told them to go to Dingley Dell. They could camp there, but before they had to clear it up. It was a very dirty place, and Mr. Gray thought he could spare a lot of work. When Aunt Dena arrived at the dell, she used a spell to clean the place and send the rubbish into Mr. Gray's pool. But Mr. Gray got angry , and during the night he let his cows on to the camp. Aunt Dena used again a spell and became a sheep dog , which brought the cattle into his field .

Then she set fire to the barn with a magic fire that couldn't hurt anybody. The children helped Mr. Gray to put out the fire. To be grateful to the children, Mr Gray let them use his farmyard to have a Halloween party.


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